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Australian Miniature Pigs

Pigs are very intelligent and make excellent pets for those 

that have the space for one. Just search 'pig tricks' on

youtube to see how smart they are.

As of 20/1/2019 we have 7 miniature pigs for sale.
3 females $220 each and 4 de-sexed males $180 each

These pigs are not only super cute they are extremely

special as they were born on January the 1st and this

year (2019) is the year of the pig. There were also 8 piglets 

and in some cultures 8 is a lucky number. We have taken this 

as a lucky omen of things to come this year.

We have lots of exciting things planned so it's nice to

have such a positive start. 

We have decided to keep one of the piglets, how could we not when they are this cute? The one we have decided to keep we have named Charlotte and we are very keen to teach her some tricks as she gets older. Currently she follows us around just like a puppy would.

If you are considering getting a pig as a pet please note that Australian miniature pigs grow to the size of a fat Labrador. Miniature pigs in America are classed as up to 70cm in height. So even by American miniature pig standards our pigs are small. Mum is only 60cm. 

There are some that may say there are no such thing as miniature pigs in Australia. If this is true there are also no miniature horses, goats, cows and donkeys. Each of these animals has a miniature version in the same way pigs do.

There are very strict rules in place that do not allow pigs to be imported into Australia. They are not pot belly pigs nor tea cup pigs that are sold in America.

Both parents are available for viewing and both are very friendly. It is very important when purchasing a miniature pig that you see the parents. 

Please make sure you are permitted to keep pigs before inquiring. Some councils may not allow pigs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

If you have always wanted a pet pig but know you are not allowed or do not have the room consider booking a nights accommodation with us to get some piggy cuddles.  

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